3 Different Balinese Dishes You Must Try When Visiting Bali

December 20, 2019
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Almost as old as the culture itself is the traditional food that Balinese culture has cooked up. The food is just as elaborate as the traditions you can find in the Balinese culture. Of course, we aren’t saying that they’re elaborate because it takes a brave soul to try out the food, let alone the flavors an acquired one. We’re saying that they taste amazing!

Here are three different Balinese dishes you must try:

1. Betutu

If you thought that this dish is only fit for kings, you would be right. According to legends and stories, Betutu was a favorite of the king. You can tell that this story may have some truth behind it just because of how complicated the dish looks. The dish’s main ingredient is a whole chicken or duck stuffed with all sorts of spices, such as ginger, peanuts, and more.

If you’re the impatient type, then waiting for this to be prepared on the spot might not be the brightest idea. The dish takes approximately eight hours to prepare, with the majority of it spent cooking the meat in a unique mix. However, the rewards are well worth the wait! Every bite you take out of this dish promises all the richest of flavors, making you feel like a king or a queen.

2. Sate Lilit

Of all the dishes you can find in Indonesia, this is one that you should know about. In its essence, Sate is a piece of meat on a stick. That meat could either be chicken, beef, pork, lamb, and so on. From this simple concoction, come hundreds of different ways Sate is prepared throughout Indonesia. It isn’t surprising, then, that the Balinese have their own take on Sate as well. “Sate Lilit,” as the Balinese call it, is more of a meat-wrapped-around-a-stick kind of game than a skewered-by-a-stick one. That’s where the name comes from, where lilit literally means wrap.

As for the flavor, Sate Lilit boasts the best of the spicy, sweet, and savory world. Of course, if this isn’t enough for you, sauces are always available to take the taste up to the next level.

3. Babi Guling

If you’re looking for a real treat, ask around for Babi Guling. More often than not, they’re served on special occasions as a treat. This is because of how Babi Guling is made. It is usually whole pork (often a piglet) roasted over a live fire.

While the pork alone is a story to take home, the spices and flavors that are stuffed and cover the whole delicacy just take the eating experience to a whole new level. It would be impossible for you to ever forget about this dish, not only because of how crazy it may look (an entire pig served on a table) but because of the fantastic flavors.

While we’ve only mentioned three Balinese delicacies in this article, there is just so much more out there. The next time you visit Indonesia, do find the time to try the dishes we’ve mentioned here!

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