3 Reasons to Get Married in Jimbaran Bay Bali

March 2, 2020
Jimbaran Bay Beach - Wedding

Jimbaran Bay in Bali, Indonesia is one of the go-to destinations in the world. Seeing as it is a perennial favorite spot for tourists who are in search of sun-soaked landscapes, it’s no surprise how it is also a magical place to exchange vows with your partner.

The beachfront ceremony, panoramic view of the sparkling ocean, glittering white sands, and breathtaking luxury venues make it a dream destination for couples who want to say “I do” to a postcard-perfect wedding.

Seeing as the nature-driven beauty of Jimbaran Bay already offers a slice of paradise, preparing for the big trip can make a world of difference in ensuring all goes smoothly for the special day. With that in mind, the guide below explores the reasons Bali is the perfect place to get hitched.

Benefit #1: Pristine Attraction Spots Everywhere You Look

Bali is home to the most stunning beach towns in the world, making Jimbaran Bay the ideal spot to tie the know for nature and beach lovers. Powdery, white sands stretch for miles on end, while the sparkling ocean creates a romantic backdrop for the ceremony.

You also have plenty of options with wedding styles. If you want to explore a new culture with your partner, you can opt for an unforgettable experience by choosing an elephant ride safari wedding. The ceremony takes place at the Elephant Safari Park and Lodge Taro Ubud, where the bride and groom can be whisked away on top of the gentle giants.

For thrill-seeking couples, you can also say “I do” to adventure by getting married on a luxury boat of Waka Sailing Catamaran, where endless seas and colorful skies set the scene.

Benefit #2: Limitless Options of Dreamy Villas and Venues

Jimbaran Bay welcomes a wealth of luxurious and boutique villas where couples can celebrate in a dreamy, idyllic accommodation. The Jimbaran Bay Beach Resort, for instance, offers beachfront ceremonies where the bride and group can enjoy picture-perfect reception parties and endless cocktail selections.

The residential-style dining room creates a tropical yet homey vibe where guests can have fun intimately, while the infinity pool terrace creates a beautiful backdrop for couples. Not to mention, many villas offer professional planners that can help make the wedding of your dreams come true.

Benefit #3: Offers a Slice of Paradise Before, During, and After the Wedding

From the vows, spa treatments, island excursion tours, to romantic dinners, Jimbaran Bay offers a slice of paradise to all wedding guests as it offers plenty of activities and relaxation spots. Tying the knot in Bali allows you to enjoy the pre- and post-marital bliss in a tropical oasis, while couples can immediately unwind and spend their honeymoon in a dream location after a long night of dancing, drinking, and celebrating.

The Bottom Line

Bali is one of the most sun-soaked and exotic attraction spots in Indonesia. It’s a go-to favorite among lovers of nature, beaches, and new culture, making it an exciting place to get married. If you’re looking to get married and book a resort in Bali, get in touch with Jimbaran Bay Beach Resort today to book your stay.