3 Things to Avoid When Planning the Perfect Bali Wedding

February 24, 2020
Jimbaran Bay Beach Resort

A wedding on the gorgeous beaches of Bali is one that many couples dream of. It’s undoubtedly an ideal setting to get married, but there are some considerations that you shouldn’t overlook, especially given the nature of the island. In this article, we’ll go over three of those considerations so that you can have a Bali wedding that’s exactly how you envision it to be. Let’s begin.

1. Don’t hold the ceremony on the beach

A beach wedding might sound appealing, but getting married right on the sand is a hassle that you should avoid. For one thing, sand is not a stable surface, and it makes setting up the venue more complicated than it should be. Your guests will also have to deal with sand and water possibly blowing onto their clothes and faces, and we all know how uncomfortable that is and how difficult they are to remove.

Second is that Bali’s beaches are usually crowded spaces. You don’t want outsiders unwittingly or intentionally walking into your intimate ceremony. That will just ruin the mood for you and for your guests.

Instead, exchange your vows next to the beach. Choose a location that’s built on solid ground. A well-manicured lawn or a paved terrace are both suitable choices in this regard. Try to set it up in a way that the venue overlooks the sea, so that you still achieve the vibe you want without having to deal with all the unnecessary trouble.

2. Don’t send out invitations until you’ve secured the venue

Another tip you need to remember is to prioritize securing the venue above all else. Bali is an incredibly popular destination, and there’s a good chance that you won’t be the only couple to get married there on any given day. The waiting lists for the many venues are ridiculously long, and some of the most sought-after ones have to be booked months or even years ahead of the big day.

Due to these reasons, you absolutely must secure the wedding venue before sending out invitations or talking to suppliers. Approach this step with an open mind, as being too specific with your dates can be needlessly limiting. Besides, the most important aspect of a wedding is that the couple and the guests are happy. The date on which it takes place isn’t that big of a deal.

3. Don’t take on all the organizing alone

Organizing a regular wedding is already a difficult and complicated job, but when it involves a faraway destination, pulling it off becomes an even greater challenge. Bali weddings are no different. In fact, they are trickier to plan for due to the physical distance involved, your unfamiliarity with the locale, and potential language barriers that can make miscommunications more frequent.

This is why after you’ve secured your venue, go and look for a wedding organizer who is an expert on the local market. They’ll be able to help you find the best caterers, photographers, music performers, and florists at a price range that’s fit for your budget. Remember, the most crucial element for a successful wedding is your happiness, so leave the heavy lifting to capable hands. There are plenty of experienced organizers in Bali, so just do a quick search and weigh your options.

Wrapping up

Keep these tips in mind so that you can ensure a beautiful ceremony for you and your guests. As a final word of advice, book your accommodations at a place that can double as your wedding or reception venue, so that you can enjoy your dream Bali wedding with minimal stress involved.

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