4 Habits You Should Practice to Stay Healthy While Traveling

February 9, 2020
Jimbaran Bay Beach Resort

Imagine traveling abroad for your vacation because you want to experience all that the world has to offer. Along the way, however, you get struck down by the cold, forced to lie resting on the bed, wasting your precious vacation days away.

Sounds familiar? Unfortunately, this is the story for many travelers.

Staying healthy while traveling
There are many reasons you might end up sick during your travels, whether that’s because you are dehydrated, or you encounter new germs and bacteria that are not so common at home. Whatever the reason might be, it is vital that you stay fit and healthy during your vacation to make the most out of it.

Here are four habits you should practice to stay healthy throughout your travel:

1. Drink plenty of water
Perhaps one of the most important ways to stay healthy (and one that many people tend to forget) is to drink lots of water.

Without water, your body will be dehydrated. When you lack water, you become more fatigued, something you don’t want to deal with while traveling. In fact, experiencing jet lag can become a much more prominent problem if you don’t drink enough water as you travel.

That said, bring a bottle of water with you wherever you go, and ensure that you hydrate your body regularly. Also, stay away from sweet, caffeinated, alcoholic drinks because they cannot be compared to plain water.

2. Eat a balanced diet
While you might be looking forward to enjoying your guilty pleasures in the food world, remember that it is still important to pay attention to what you eat.

While traveling, you might find yourself snacking more often than you would like. Unfortunately, many snacks out there are packed full of sugars and refined carbs, none of which contribute to a healthier you. The best way to address this problem is to avoid snacking at all. However, if you must have your between-meal fix, opt for healthy fruits and vegetables instead. Not only are they full of vitamins, but they’re rich in water, helping you stay hydrated at the same time.

3. Employ good habits
While traveling, bacteria can easily find their way into you through many different methods. Generally, the main method is through your hands. This is because your hands touch everything, and they’re likely to pick up germs that might find their way into you.

While we’re not meaning that you should never touch anything, let alone stick your fingers into your mouth, we’re asking you to employ healthy habits. For example, you should always wash your hands before a meal and after eating with soap and warm water. Bringing a hand sanitizer can help keep a clean hand throughout the day as well.

As you can see, habits like these reduce the risk of getting yourself sick while traveling and are habits you should practice if you haven’t already.

4. Get sufficient sleep
When your body lacks sleep, its immune system weakens, making you prone to getting sick more easily.

The key to getting plenty of sleep during your travel is to beat jet lag and establish a good sleeping schedule as soon as possible. If you’re traveling long hours in the evening and expecting to arrive at your destination during the morning, catch some sleep while on the move. If you plan to show up during the evening, stay awake during your travels for a sound sleep at night. Also, enjoying plenty of sun during the day can help contribute to a better night’s rest.

Final words
There are many ways you can get sick during your travels—dehydration, lack of sleep, and exercise, and unbalanced diets, among many others. If you want to keep your body in good shape, and make the most out of your trips, keep in mind the tips that we’ve shared with you. Remember, you’re better off putting effort into staying healthy rather than forgetting all about it during your travels and forced to pay the price of getting sick, ruining your vacation. We’re a resort based in Bali, get in touch today to see how we can help make your stay a memorable one.