5 Reasons to Head Out to the Beach for the Holidays

January 7, 2020
Jimbaran Bay Beach Resort

With the holidays upon us, what better way to spend this wonderful time of the year than to have a beach vacation? Forget the stress of frantically purchasing gifts or preparing a special dinner, and fly to another place to enjoy the relaxing and peaceful auras that beaches are known for.

Need more than “peace and relaxation” to convince you to head out to the beach for the holidays? Here are five reasons you should:


1.Avoid the Crowd

Avoid the traffic and holiday craze, and head out somewhere that’s peaceful and relaxing. Leaving the crowds to enjoy the festivities doesn’t mean that you’re missing out on any. It just means that you’re taking your celebration of the wonderful holidays elsewhere.

With that said, at the beach, thanks to its blissful aura, you can experience your holidays in ways you’ve never imagined. You might find out that the holidays spent by the sea is so much better than amidst the crowds.


2.Escape the Cold Weather

Some people do love cold weather. However, not everyone does. If you’re one of those who loathe the cold, it is time to pack your bags and head out to somewhere a little warmer. Skip the jackets and boots and pack in your shorts and flip flops as you prepare to spend warmer days at the beach.

From trekking through the tropical forests, to swimming in the warm sea, the list of activities you can enjoy away from cold weather goes on and on.


3.Enjoy Relaxation

Of course, after days upon days of working, you deserve some relaxing. Why burden yourself with more stress figuring out what gifts to buy or trying to book places to go when you can fly to a beach? You can enjoy the natural settings that cause every fiber of the body to experience peace and relaxation. Whether you’re swaying in the hammock by the sea or enjoying an excellent massage at the resort spa, there are so many things to get your mind clear of stress and indulge your day with blissfulness.


4.Utilize Paid Time Off

After all that hard work, it is time for your company to offer you a little gift from themselves. If you haven’t used up your PTO just yet, now is the time. If you’ve racked up quite a bit of PTO, you deserve every minute of it. Instead of heading somewhere else just as cold as your place, use your paid time off at somewhere warm and welcoming. What place are we talking about? The beach, of course! Bunk at the resort and enjoy every minute there, knowing that you’re getting paid to have plenty of fun.


5.Traveling as a Gift

If you cannot think of a gift to give every individual member of the family, why not take them out on a trip? After all, a trip is an excellent gift that everyone can enjoy. Even better, spend this trip by the beach where there are hundreds of other activities everyone can participate in. From surfing on the waves to building sandcastles, a beach trip is a wonderful gift in and of itself.

In conclusion, with the holidays just around the corner, it is time to start planning. No, we aren’t talking about planning on what to do near your home. Instead, we are telling you to plan a trip to the beach to spend your holidays there. Bring yourself and the family from all the wild and crazy energy that cities tend to have during such an occasion, and bring them somewhere peaceful and relaxing. You can never go wrong by visiting the beach. The beach in and of itself is a beautiful gift. Looking for a hillside hideaway right by Patong Beach? Get in touch with Kalima Resort & Spa to plan an incredible Phuket stay!