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How Diving Teaches Your Mind to Be Present – What to Know

January 3, 2020
Jimbaran Bay Beach Resort

At first, the mere sight of a deep blue sea is enough to send tremors of fear into even the most adventurous thrill-seekers. In spite of how panic-inducing the sea can be at one point or another, however, it is the perfect place to hone your presence of mind, especially if you go for scuba diving.

A common situation

Regardless of whether the main attraction for divers is a whale shark or a giant manta ray, there may be one person who will be dissatisfied if they did not see these sea creatures. If you were attentive during your dive, however, you most likely sharpened your presence of mind despite not being able to see even the biggest of sea creatures.

Throughout your dive, you may have probably noticed a few details while all your dive buddies were waiting in vain for a shy marine animal. Whether it was the colored patterns on a tiny nudibranch, two fish swimming in near-perfect unison, or the movements of kelp along with a current, the tiny details that you noticed during your time in the water are more insignificant. Every minute detail that you stumbled upon while diving most likely put you in a certain situation that made it much easier to see everything going on in your environment that simply says that you were there in the moment.

The feeling of noticing everything and being suspended in a dream-like point of view is definitely a unique one, yet it’s not unknown. In fact, it’s aptly called the experience of being present.

How diving teaches you to be present

During the time that you spend in the water, every ingrained diving lesson that you’ll take will kick in without having to be too aware or conscious of it all. The time that you spend focusing on your distance from the rest of your diving group, the amount of air you have left, and how much control on your buoyancy puts you in the right state of mind with pure focus.

Once you’re in the water, you won’t think about the work deadlines that you need to deal with or the small argument that you had in the morning with someone—all you could possibly think about is what’s happening at the present time. The sheer amount of focus it takes to dive properly and safely slowly teaches any diver to focus on what’s happening at the moment, which is far different from the future or past-oriented thinking of everyday life.

As soon as all your senses are at 100% and your focus is directed towards what you’re doing in the water, you’re slowly teaching yourself to be even more present. Spending more time in the deep blue sea teaches your mind key lessons that can be applied long after you’ve come out of the water, and will stimulate the brain much more by making sense of every detail you’re seeing.

Final words

The ability to be present, aside from witnessing the amazing sights of beautiful sea creatures and underwater life, is one of the most significant gifts that anyone can ever receive during their time in the water. Remember that every dive that you take puts your mind in the right place to appreciate your surroundings and stay within the moment.

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